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I love a good rhyme.

Here are a couple of stories I'm working on at the minute which will soon be kids books. 


It is the time of darkest nights

Houses lit with coloured lights

Santa, elves and winter weather

Family and friends together


Mounds of snow and present piles

Carol singers gifts and smiles

It is no place for Crocodiles

Who live far away on tropic isles


Crisp and cold, it’s made for those 

who do not mind a chilly toe

With fur of white designed for snow

Who perch in trees with Mistletoe 


Frosty paths with Robins bobbing

Warm fires hung with bulging stockings

Reindeers flying never stopping

Polar bears and Christmas shopping


Animals of the winter season 

Penguins in the Polar region

Donkeys, Partridge, Goose and Hare

All frolic in the frosty air


But there is another celebration

 Crocodile has invitations 

for animals who don’t belong

In festive cards or Christmas songs


Aardvark, Puffin, Elephant 

Komodo Dragon, Soldier ant

Slugs and Snails

Sharks and Whales

Invited to sing Jingle bells


 Because Christmas is a time for all

It doesn't matter if you crawl

if you slither, fly or swim

there’s always room so let’s begin!

Find your place amongst our crowd

Of welcome guests we’re all allowed 

to pull a crackers, wear a hat

to eat and eat ‘til very fat. 


And as you laugh and play and smile

Think of the Christmas Crocodile

Who wanted each and every beast

To come enjoy his festive feast.

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Why would you drink a cup of hot tea?

Brown, wet and cosy is where frogs love to be. 


These frogs can’t resist

the hot milky whiff

A chance for some bathing

just cannot be missed. 


The slimy green pests 

Slip out of their nests

To swim, spit and gargle in the drink they love best. 


They’ll hide under the teabags

Slip under a spout 

They’ll lick all your biscuits if you’re not about.

They’ll backstroke

They’ll Frontstroke 

They’ll bob and they’ll float

If you leave them forever they’ll wallow and soak


Please watch out you drinkers

And don’t get upset

If you swallow a tea frog you’ll never forget


The slippy green legs 

The slimy green bum 

Swishing and washing straight into your tum

So before you relax

With tea and some snacks

Make sure froggins aren’t bobbing
around on their backs.

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